Legal issues can often times be tough to navigate and often times leave parties with an uneasy feeling and with questions on where to go next. This is no less true when your own property, your livelihood, are the center of litigation. Alex has the experience to assist with a litany of issues. Whether you are a landlord or tenant seeking information on your rights; the buyer or seller of a home or condominium that need assistance throughout the process, are facing powerful condominium associations, or facing assessments after the sale of a home; or even seeking to foreclose on a land installment contract Alex is there to help you through the process.

Alex's expertise does not stop there. He truly has a passion for real estate law and all that it entails. Whether commercial or residential property is involved, reach out to Castle Law, LLC and see how we can help!

Buyers and Sellers rights, contracts, assessments following sale; Landlord/Tenant rights; and more.



Personal Injury - Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Fall, Dog Bite; Contractor and Sub-contractor disputes; and more.

Civil Litigation is no small practice area and can present itself in many ways. Most common are motor vehicle accidents, slip & fall cases, and dog bite incidents. Alex has extensive experience in the realm of personal injury. Castle Law, LLC will handle your injury case from beginning to end while removing a significant stress factor to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Dealing with the insurance adjustors, negotiating the cost of medical bills, and filing lawsuits where needed to fight back against the big insurance companies.

Additionally, Castle Law, LLC can handle small or large contract claims and disputes, claims against sub-contractors for mistakes in workmanship, and more!




Not all legal issues or claims claim the damages required to be filed in the Court of Common Pleas. As such, many attorneys shy away from those cases where they cannot recoup or earn enough in attorney's fees to justify filing or defending in Small Claims Court. Being a Solo Practitioner, Alex is able to provide the same level of service to clients facing claims in Small Claims Court.

Common Small Claims cases may include: Cases not meeting the jurisdictional amount for Common Pleas, Eviction hearings and counterclaims, minor traffic violations and/or Misdemeanor defense cases, and more.